Our service is designed to make your guests feel at ease during their stay. We operate on high standards and we are fully licensed to do this by the Commissioner of Police. This means that we can offer you concierge and reception duties, mobile and static patrols just by requesting us to do so 12 hours beforehand.

Service Benefits

Prevent Crimes

Customer Safety

Sense Of Security

Efficient Defense

Maintain Order

Constant Surveillance

Crowd Management

Quick Response

A Discreet Security Solution

We at Kavallier Security Services offer you a number of hotel security solutions. These include protection for both your employees and guests thanks to our static and manned hotel security guards. We also offer hotel security staff a better way for them to monitor access points by using state of the art equipment, ensuring that our guards do their foot patrol up to the standards expected. 

Thanks to the training provided, our team members can easily spot any suspicious activity with ease. We can handle a number of unwanted situations in a discreet and professional manner.

Added Solutions

Monitored Access Points

Concierge Duties

High-Quality Services

CCTV Monitoring

Static Hotel Patrolling

Mobile Area Patrols