Night inspection patrols

During such assignments, we aim to check all areas in any particular site in order to ensure that no one has accessed the area without authorisation.


Our consultancy solutions are designed to advise and supervise ways for you to protect your company’s assets.

Static Guarding

Our static guarding service caters for anyone who is looking to add security and peace of mind in public spaces or during events.

Hotel Security

This service offers hotels and their patrons the safety needed for a secure and relaxing stay.

CCTV Monitoring

From on-site to remote CCTV monitoring solutions, we aim towards keeping your assets protected.

Private Investigation

From inquiring solutions to investigative services, we can gather clues and verify facts in a number of scenarios and present a detailed report as well.

VIP protection

Our security measures are designed to cater for any individuals who might be exposed to safety threats or risks. We provide close protection officers of a very high level and standards.

Patrol services

This service is designed to guard, protect and visit sites on an ad-hoc basis, thanks to a patrol security officer.

Security services

An all-rounded service designed for larger corporations who might need a number of unified security services.

Fully-Licensed Security Personnel

  • Immediate Results
  • Informative Team
  • Vigilant Staff
  • Basic Fire Fighting Training
  • Attention To Detail
  • Ex-Military Staff
  • Fully Equipped

  • Smart Personnel
  • Innovative Training
  • First Aid Training

We Offer Constant Training

Our personnel regularly undergo in-house training that is designed to present them with all the skills needed to conduct their duties effectively. Our training package unites a number of proven security procedures in order to achieve a holistic service as required.

Fully Qualified Staff

Our team is not only trained in terms of security and vigilance awareness. We also offer each and every one of our team members a number of basic training courses designed to present our customers with full-fledged safety and security. Some of the qualifications that we offer include basic fire fighting, first aid training, ISPS and basic self-defence techniques.

Human Resources

It is our duty to safeguard our customers’ requirements and present them with all the required surveillance and security solutions needed. In addition to our security services, we offer a high standard of customer services, after-hours surveillance operations and even structural chain management for immediate support when needed.

Security Consultation

Kavallier Security Services Ltd is an organization that gives its clients a clear, unbiased and professional opinion on what is needed and what options can best be utilized in the form of risk based and contingency audits, security risk analysis and the implementation of security policies.

Our consultants are respected professionals in their field. They are highly motivated and are dedicated to provide effective answers as well as maximum value in addressing the unique needs of our clients.

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